Welcome to Krasley Christmas!
We are located at:
525 Woodland Drive; Manheim PA
For 2104 opening night will be Friday
Dec 5th. This will give me more time
to be set up and ready! See you then! 

               Our 7th year is
                  now LIVE!               
And thanks to our wonderful guests and a very thoughtful anonymous donor, we collected
for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central PA!  
As I have said before, we are very honored to have been chosen as the place this very generous person decided to leave  this donation at. They could have picked anyone or any place! God bless you on your generosity! I never imagined we would ever be collecting donations for charity here and never in my wildest dreams did I see anyone dropping an anonymous donation of 
in our donation box out here in the sticks. So to repeat, whoever you are, we would like to thank you for the generous donation!

We hope you had the opportunity to come out and see our display, but if you didnt we have videos on our video page!
 We do not pay for advertising so if you were here and liked what you saw, please share us with your friends and family! We still hear some say "we are a best kept secret",  "I never knew you were here", "people need to know you're out here". We don't want to hear that again!
While you're here, please sign our guest book!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!
Email us here

 As far as we know, we are the largest privately owned and operated display of this type in Lancaster County. If you know someone here with a bigger display, tell me and tell them about us so we can compare displays!
The videos from 2012 are available on the internet on our Facebook page! Please like and share our page and post some comments too!

Tell others if you were here and how BIG it is out here!

Our family and friends are mostly responsible for our great success this past season! THANK YOU! Please pass our website and Facebook fan page info on to your friends and family! I think word of mouth is always the best publicity you can get! Thanks to you and your family and friends for sharing our display! We appreciate it!

 Ronald McDonald House Charities ® of Central PA!

  © 2014 McDonald's
There are many ways we can support Ronald McDonald House Charities Of Central Pennsylvania.
Tabs from aluminum cans, gift certificates for local restaurants, and grocery stores for families to prepare meals for their family while staying in the facility, as well as cash and check donations.

We are also involved in decorating the most beautiful home for the holiday!  Volunteers for this are always welcome. This picture was from 2012. I couldn't have done it without the volunteers that helped me. Thank you!

 It will be easy to keep up on our latest developments on our Facebook Fan Page! Join us there!

We do this for your entertainment! Your input is appreciated and expected! This show is for you and your family and or friends and we can't do it without YOU! So if you have any suggestions, Email me!

   Set your radio to WTND 87.9FM!
Mark your calenders and come see it as soon as it's live!
Hope to see you on the street! That's where it's sweet!
Thank you,
Tammy and Don Krasley

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