Welcome to Krasley Christmas!
We are located at:
525 Woodland Drive; Manheim PA
Coming soon!  2016 will be our 10th year!
Our opening night will be Friday December 2nd at 5:30PM! 
Hours: The display will start running at 5:30PM every night. Sunday through Thursday until 10PM
Friday and Saturday until 11PM

How it all started!                                                   

It all started with an email from my oldest brother Wynn. He sent me a video and said "this is our house". (click on this link to see)
So I checked it out and I knew he was joking but it inspired me to dig into this and figure out the hows and whys! Along the way, I found the website called Light-O-Rama. Their controllers are the easiest to use and their software is the ultimate tool for the CrAzY Christmas guy in all of us!
Now I know this is not the best way to spend your life, but if you have an obsession like I do, this is the pill for you!

The real story though is the love of the Christmas season that I grew up with. When I was a little boy, my grandfather had a love for the Christmas holiday. He was a dedicated christian and the Christmas holiday was one he went all out decorating for. As long as I can remember, he would deck his yard out with the biggest display items he could buy at auctions. I remember he had this big manger scene and a few other things, but he loved to put the star up as high as he could! He also had the C9 multi colored bulbs that he used outside.
As the years went by and he aged further, he sold most of the big items. He still had the star and those big C9 bulbs! I helped him as much as I could but as a little boy I was limited to what I could do for him. He always had me there  even though I'm sure I was more in the way then help! But as I aged, I would try to help him more. My brother Wynn did a lot for him too, even more than me because I was the youngest. I always wanted to help but I couldn't until Wynn moved south for his job. But with my grandfather aging he did less for Christmas every year. He had this old blowmold manger scene and we would put that in the window on the inside and I would climb the TV tower and hang the huge star!
Well, we all know our grandparents don't live forever on this earth and after he passed I started to miss this time we shared. I missed the old guy and I had a hole in my heart that I needed to mend. So one Christmas I decided to start decorating our home in honor of him. So I bought some silhouette deer and some other items. And I bought those big C9 strings that he had! Every year I added to the display and one year I made a huge star for over our roof.
Over the years I would decorate and think about my grandfather and wondered if he was looking down from heaven and if he was, was he smiling and saying, "I taught him that"!
So as the years progressed I had quite a supply of lights and decorations growing! I bought stuff during the clearance sales but I never had anything really impressive like he had. Until I got that email from my brother! Then the wheels were spinning and the hole in my wallet began!
Even though it costs a lot, I enjoy this! I enjoy hearing what others think and some suggestions for new songs.
So if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to give me your input. That's how I know you enjoy it and what to change. You can reach me through this site on the contact page or by sending me a message here.
Thanks for reading this and sharing us with your friends and family!
Happy Holidays!
Tammy and Don Krasley
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